Portraits for Professionals
  Fallen Soldiers
  777 Steps to Nirvana, Myanmar
  China, 2015
7530 NE 8th Avenue
Miami FL 33138
Self Assignments
Paris, 2004
China, 2015
Grammatophyllum scriptim, Miami, 2017
Lilies, Miami
Pie No Pie
Radishes, St. Raphael, France, 2005
Dope, Tennessee
Uh oh.  Miami
Street Barber, South China, 2015
Smiling man and smiling dog, Chinese Redland, 2015
Butterfly Boy, China
Caen, France, 2004
Lily, 2018
Myanmar school girls.
Bagan, Myanmar
Bay of Bengal, Myanmar, 2014
Scarves, Stone Forest near Kunming, China, 2015
Inle Lake, Myanmar 2014
Bagan, Myanmar, 2014
Malaysian Buddha, 2014
Myanmar, 2014
China, 2015