Photos ©1978-2021 Deborah Gray Mitchell, Miami, FL  33138

"Thank you so much for the photos and the speed in which you did them.
We are very happy with the results."

Maebh Aisling Hogan, International Bunkering Middle East, Dubai


"Thank you for your wonderful work. I am really pleased!"

Olga Nigalchuk-Talpe


"Thank you for your hard work and concentration capturing such beautiful images for our CPE booklet.
It truly demonstrates how meaningful the chaplin's role is in bringing spirituality to those facing the end of life." 

Mary Kay Grimaldi, Senior Director, Marketing Communications, ITAS Innovative Hospice Care


"The collection of [photos] look wonderful. I'm so glad we found you for this.
I'm really pleased. Thank you."

Mitchell Loss, Kripalu Institute


"Thank you for taking so much time to work with Pierlus. Your photos of her are amazing, as were your interactions with her.
I very much appreciate everyhing you have done for Casa Valentina."  

Sharon Katz, LCSW, Program Director Casa Valentina


"Thank you for your wonderful work.
All of the beautiful photos you took will be remembered for [the rest of] my life."

Xiuying Li (Cio-Cio San, Madama Butterfly, Florida Grand Opera)


"Best production shots I've seen in a long time. Really excellent." 

Doug Tuck, Vancouver Opera


"OF ALL the photos I have ever had on stage yours are by far, my favorite! You captured the intensity and truth of the show and made me look the way I have always felt I looked from the inside.
Thank you for that."

Franco Pomponi


"Deborah, they are so beautiful.  Lee has declared you our photographer.
They are perfect. Everybody loves the pictures."

Lourdes and Floyd Sturdivant


"Deborah, the agent is complaining there are too many good pictures - how is that for a compliment!
This has been such a successful enterprise!"

Meredith Keeve, Author


"Just wanted to let you know that a few minutes admiring the work you've posted on dgmfoto helped take the static out of a very hectic morning. As a matter of fact, your lovely photos probably kept me out of the headlines. I was about to strangle someone.I love your work. You make the kind of shots which capture the third dimension (soul?).
Thanks for the break"



"Thanks for your excellent work!"

John E. Leighton, Esq., Leighton Law, P.A.


"Thank you for your wonderful photos...
I think they are the best photos ever taken of me, and they are certainly my favorite ones."

Robert Heuer, General Manager, Florida Grand Opera